Here are two nootropic substances that can be compared. One is well known as a study nootropic, the other an extreme focus supplement. Both are well-known among nootropics users and both are on the expensive side.

User reports of carphedon powder and Phenylpiracetam’s powder effect vary dramatically. Some users report seeing powerful results. Other user reports say it has little to no effect or worse, that it leaves them tired and their thinking foggy. Check out our complete guide on the best way to take Phenylpiracetam powder.

Carphedon powder users do seem to build up tolerance rather quickly, in some cases within a couple of days. Based on reports, how long it takes to build tolerance seems to be unpredictable. It is quite possible that part of the reason for the discrepancy in user reports is that some suppliers are selling counterfeit Carphedon powder.

Pramiracetam, on the other hand, seems to offer users much more dependable results. Pramiracetam was developed years before Carphedon powder and and has proven itself among nootropics. Of course, some of the issues with Carphedon powder could be due to supplier issues. Now that more people are becoming aware of it and asking for it, more reputable nootropic retailers are starting to carry it.

Give both Carphedon powder and Pramiracetam a try, just make sure you are buying from a reputable distributor so that you know you are getting a high quality product. You may end up preferring one over the other, or you may end up using both and cycling between the two to avoid building up tolerance. Find a good stack to give you the results you want.

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