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Explore a unique science fantasy world made entirely out of Cardboard.

Imps and Robots! Dinosaurs and Energy Swords! Cardlife is a creative survival 5d3b920ae0

Title: CardLife: Creative Survival
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Release Date: 28 Feb, 2019


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7, 64 bit or above
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM)

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Korean,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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Offline Mode and Hunger System Changes : Update - 11/10/2018. New Update live - Optimisation, Like prompt UI change, Building Exclusion Zone Changes : Hello everyone! We hope that you've all had a smashing Christmas holiday and are gearing up for an awesome 2019! If you spent the holidays playing CardLife and creating an incredible structure or some beautiful custom weapons, make sure to share your creations with the rest of the Steam community, we'd love to see what you guys have been working on. Just hit F12 and you'll be able to upload your screenshot to Steam community at the end of your play session. Our last update included two new tools, a new creature and a voting system. You can read all about that by clicking the link below: However, today, we're pushing out a few optimisation tweaks that we've been working on. They mainly focus on memory optimisations as these issues are mentioned about the most within the community.. CardLife 1.0 - Raiding & Voxelised Water Live! : Hello CardLifers! Today were launching a hefty update which will provide new features, optimisation improvements and new items! Raiding!. Dev Blog 94 - Become A Vanguard! Wishlist Now on Steam! : It is just four days until we release in Steam Early Access! Make sure you have added the game to your Steam Wishlist! We already have an amazing community of players who have joined us during the last couple of years in development and are looking forward to growing that number with those of you who are purchasing the game via Steam. We have a more detailed Dev blog which goes through the process of display names and transferring to a Steam Account. If you a re a Founder, you can read more about that by clicking the link below.. Dev Blog 99 - New Tools Coming Soon : Hello Founders and Vanguardians, We hope that many of you have been enjoying the changes of our last update which adds Ion Swords, Droids and improved mining! Of course if you have any feedback do let us know what you think! Todays Dev Blog focuses on just a couple of tools which will be releasing in the next patch (Which is planned to go live Mid December!) New Tools. UPDATE NOW LIVE, Droids, Ion Sabre, localisation and more! : Hello Founders and Vanguardians! We are pleased to announce that a great new update is now available for CardLife! Ion swords, Droids, localisation and changes to the mining and terrain placing system are here! CardLife now Available in 11 languages!. Upcoming Maintenance (17/10/2018) : Hey all, CardLife servers will be unavailable from 2pm to 4pm (UTC+1) today as we implement Cloud Photon servers. Click here [] to see the downtime in more timezones. Maintenance will take 2 hours but may be longer if we run into any issues. We hope that the introduction of Cloud Photon servers will lead to fewer server disconnections by players worldwide and better network performance overall, but we will only be able to confirm this once the update is launched. UPDATE: We are having to extend maintenance by a further 30 minutes in order to complete the introduction of the Photon Cloud infrastructure. We'll let you know as soon as we're back online again. UPDATE # 2: Servers are now back up, but we are seeing issues with HP and stamina where HP is at 100 and Stamina is at 0.. CardLife Update - Enchantment Table Fix. : Hello Everyone, We have just released an update which addresses an issue that players have experienced with the Enchantment table. Players reported that certain Age 2 and 3 weapons could not be enchanted despite having all necessary crafting materials. What had happened is one of the UI icons was not working correctly until the player had enchanted an Age 1 item first in that play session. This issue should now be fixed! We thank you all for your patience and reporting this issue to us.. Modding - Community Showcase - Update To Go Live Next Week - PVE Server Plans : Hello Founders and Vanguardians We were planning to release a new update this week which introduces several new features including droids, Ion swords and the creator door. Unfortunately, we came across a few issues during development and we will have to delay its release to next week. Were sorry about this, but this is a part of the development process. The team are working hard to address all the issues weve found to deliver a higher quality build when it is ready. So while we are focusing on giving players more flexible and powerful tools within the next few updates we wanted to take some time to talk about the awesome mods that players have made and are available right now! This is the Modding Community showcase While most of the mods are based on tweaking the way CardLife plays, you can mod some of the character game files to create truly awesome character designs too. V1NC3NZ0 who frequently delves into the game files and has been a part of the game for ages created Team Cherry's Hollowknight as a character in game.. Offline Mode Out Now! : Hello everyone! We have just launched a new single player offline mode in CardLife! Several members of the team have worked incredibly hard to get this game mode up and running in just two weeks. They are now waiting for your feedback on this game mode and are now preparing to work on new features. Well share more details very very soon on what new content we are adding to CardLife Offline Single Player Mode will effectively remove the lag that players have previously experienced. This relates to combat where maybe it takes some time to register an attack when the information is sent online. All actions in game are verified 100% by your own machine, creating a lag free experience. Players will also no longer be disconnected from their own game in single player. It is important to note that in order to activate your CardLife account to be played offline you will need to log into the game with an internet connection just once. Below is a step by step progress as to how it will work The first time you log into CardLife, we check that your account owns CardLife as the final part of the installation process. You need to be online for this but you would need to be online anyway to download the game The next time you launch the game, you don't need to be online at all. You can be on a bus with a laptop and no wifi, and you'll still be able to play Single Player From then on single player has no network stuff regardless of whether you have internet or not, zero lag (at least zero network lag).

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