Can EA just start titleing the game "MUT 20" next year?

Can EA just start titleing the game "MUT 20" next year?

That's all they seem to care about now. I never play mut 20 coins, I cant get into it. I want to play simulation football, not a fucking card game where you have to either grind for days or pay more money to enjoy it. Madden sucks for me now because MUT ads are constantly pushed into my face on loading screens and every other nook and cranny in this game.
I feel like all Madden has worked on the past 5 years is MUT and Longshot, two modes I will never play. I'm tired of seeing MUT have all these cool animations and in depth thought of how it looks, while Franchise mode has looked the same the past 5 years.

Monday 24 December 2018
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Buying MUT 20 coins. Follow the instructions down below here.

Choose the platform and select how many coins you wish to purchase. Use the slider to buy a custom amount or select one of the pre made amounts from the boxes below the slider.

2) The way we transfer the coins to you is by you listing a worthless card with a Buy Now price for the amount of coins you're purchasing. (if you purchase 150k coins, you need to list buy now for 150,000). Make sure to use the 'Starting Price' we gave you at the checkbox so we can locate your card easily!

3) Fill In the overall rating, player name, click the checkbox and click 'CHECKOUT' to complete the purchase. We will buy your card within 5 minutes and deliver your

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