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Bridge! lets you be a structural engineer and a construction manager in one. Master the mystery to bridge with a limited budget and limited numbers of parts to divide and t 5d3b920ae0

Title: Bridge!
Genre: Casual, Simulation, Strategy
toxtronyx interactive GmbH
Aerosoft GmbH
Release Date: 1 Apr, 2011


This game does not work. Yes, it's cheap, $1.99, but it is actually worthless. As you move bridge sections, it does not decrement the dollar amount. It freezes up when you are two sections short of the other side.. cannot change the default language from what appears to be german/dutch. might be interesting if i could read the commands.. The game physics does not work right. In other games you can look at the way the bridge collapses and make changes based on that. Not in this game. The stress screen does not even show if a part is being pushed or pulled only stress y/n. The angles that you can place gerders is supriseingly limited to just a particular grid and the menues are slow. The music is good tho.. The package Bridge! has been permanently removed from your account. No Options To click on and cant change it from german!!! very poor would like a refund. I would not recomend this game caused of bad programmin and having such limited options when building bridges. i always liked to make funny looking but working bridges. in this game it doesnt allow you to do enything funny.. Awful game with absolutely zero support from developers or publishers. Never quite works which is the standard I am coming to expect from Aerosoft! Even if it's free, don't waste your time on this garbage. zero out of any number you like.

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