Black Turtle Beans Market Overview, Scope and Demand till 2026

Global Black Turtle Beans Market Outlook


Legumes such as the dry beans, common beans occupy an important place in human nutrition around the world. The common beans are being considered as the most important source of protein especially in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and several parts of Africa. According to the U.N. FAOSTAT, in 2011, the global bean production shot up to 23,816,123 tons and has been growing at a significant rate in terms of consumption. The black turtle beans is one such common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) which has gained its popularity in Latin American cuisine. The black turtle beans are usually known as the black beans used in various application such as Hispanic snaking food and various other Latin American (Mexican) foods.    

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Global Black Turtle Beans Market: Reasons for Covering this Title


Some of the Mexican food and snacks such as burritos, nachos have been gaining traction at a faster rate in the global market. And the black turtle beans is one of those important food ingredients which is being used at large scale for production of such Mexican food snacks. Moreover, consumers are now gradually inclining towards vegan diet owing to the rising awareness about the critical health benefits associated with the consumption of common and dry beans such as the black turtle beans. Hence its nutritional importance has the potential on driving the demand for black turtle beans in the global market.      

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Global Black Turtle Beans Market: Key Players


Some of the key players operating in the global Black Turtle Beans market are Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, SHILOH FARMS, GOLD MINE NATURAL FOOD COMPANY, Willow Creek Organic Grain Co. Inc., Woodland Foods, Ltd., Shagbark Seed & Mill, Oak Haven Inc., Abel & Cole Ltd, North American Grain Corporation, Demos Ciclitira Ltd among others.


Key Trends: Global Black Turtle Beans Market


Major shareholding companies have been strategizing on expanding its production capacity which is attributable to the rise in demand for common and dry beans such as black turtle beans. Moreover, some of the companies are also improvising its distribution base around the world in the view of some of its marquee products like the black turtle beans are easily available to its target customers.

Global Black Turtle Beans Market: Key Developments


  • In the year 2017, Woodland Foods,announced the expansion of its third facility in Waukegan, Illinois to a total of 450,000 square feet. Woodlands Foods sells organic black turtle beans. 
  • In Jan 2013, Bob’s Red Millannounced the expansion of its production facilities and distribution presences. The company opened Bob’s Red Mill World Distribution Center in January 2014 in Clackamas County two miles from the Bob’s Red Mill World Headquarters in Milwaukie, Oregon. The company sells black turtle beans in retail packaging formats.


Opportunities for Black Turtle Beans Market Participants


The tenacity of the desirability of a healthy lifestyle, personal care has been driving the consumers to gradually incline to adopt vegan. Owing to the some of the critical health benefits functionality of black turtle beans is one such factor that can help dive the demand for the product. Moreover, beans have a higher composition of antioxidant compounds. Some of these common beans are being considered as the important source of antioxidant which paves an opportunity for black turtle beans in the world of cosmetics in gaining traction among target customers.

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