Best Facial Beds: Compare, Buy & Save

When you read articles on how to choose a spa, they suggest asking how old the equipment is and gauging the caliber of the salon on how their facial tables look. Having ratty or outmoded treatment tables could send an unprofessional or even unsafe message to potential clients.Electric Massage therapy Bed

This is especially important for medical spas offering services like Botox injections. It’s paramount that your clients are feeling safe and relaxed, instead of uncomfortable and fidgeting. If they spend the entire facial feeling uncomfortable on an old treatment table, there’s little chance that they’ll be walking out feeling relaxed and pampered.

See the end of the article if you’d like a breakdown of features to help you decide which is the right facial bed for you, but for now let’s look at the pros and cons of the best facial beds on the market.As an electric treatment table, it has all the same smooth transition of height, incline of backrest and footrest, and tilt of the entire bed. It offers a foot of lift from 25 inches high to 37 inches high. The armrests are easily removable and reversible.

Where this bed gets interesting is in its incorporation of the sort of adjustment locks you see on massage therapy tables. A lock at the base allows for 240 degrees of manual rotation.

The end of the footrest unlocks so it can be extended or removed. The headrest has a removable bolster revealing a face cradle and an almost ridiculous amount of hinged adjustability as well as being removable.

The video below shows all the angles you can achieve with this headrest. Similar to the Lucent, the controls to the electric movement are on the side of the treatment table but handheld remote or foot pedal options are available.

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