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BEACH HEAD 2000 is a hard-core, non-stop, adrenaline pumping first-person action shooter for your PC or Mac. As a lone gunner you are the last line of defense against an overwhelming onslaught of enemy fire. Only you can win the war by firing your high-caliber twin-barrel machine guns and volleying missiles from your canons at incoming air-crafts and armored vehicles. BEACH HEAD 2000 will keep you at the edge of your seat all the way until the battle’s bitter end.

At the time of its original release, BEACH HEAD 2000, a simple and addictive arcade style game, was considered a sin in the PC gaming establishment, but it still became an overnight success. BEACH HEAD 2000 took off like wildfire. The BEACH HEAD series including 2000, 2002 and DESERT WAR, sold more than one million copies worldwide for PC and Mac. The (DRM enabled) downloadable version became one of the first and most successful downloadable games ever and jump started what later became known as the “Casual Games” industry. The games’ popularity and success also spurred arcade versions of the BEACH HEAD series that were distributed all over the world and ranked as the #1 money making arcade game in the United States for 3 years in a row between 2002 and 2005.

BEACH HEAD 2000 Features Include:

• Fast and Furious Hard-Core, Nonstop Arcade action.

• Pick-up-and-play game controls (get started and start shooting right away without the need of a manual).

• Massive airborne attacks.

• Realistic physics and motions with each tank and vehicle with unique and accurate characteristics.

• Blue-print precise realistic defender weapons.

• Blue-print precise realistic enemy weapons.

• Realistic battle sounds and special effects. Dimensional sound effects for distance and battlefield depth.

Now with the power of STEAM, this classic can be yours. 1075eedd30

Title: Beachhead 2000
Genre: Action, Casual, Simulation
Digital Fusion Inc.
Digital Fusion Inc.
Release Date: 15 Jun, 2000


  • OS: Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7
  • Processor: Pentium II 233 or faster
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX-compatible video card that supports 16bit graphics
  • DirectX: Version 7.0
  • Storage: 75 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 7 compatible sound card.
  • Additional Notes: Combatability problems can be avoided by setting the executable to run in compatibility mode for windows XP. The .exe files are usually in their respective game folders at \Steam\steamapps\common. Additionally for those who wish to adjust the mouse sensitivity press the + or - buttons.


So far, i cannot get it to run in Windows 10. I receive a program not responding CTD. [bundle has been published now]. Looks like it still defaults to some crazy low resolution before freezing up and crashing, which destroys whatever desktop\/icon\/window composition you may have. Please let us choose windowed mode and custom resolutions. Gonna refund for now until the bundle comes out and its been patched a bit. I will definitely revise this review, but i thought i should give an initial report for potential buyers.

[Edit 2 5\/10\/2017] I decided to buy the bundle, as i want to support the devs, and gave it a try in a Windows XP VM and it worked flawlessly, and made me happy to see this game running again. I actually kind of prefer it this way, because i don't like that the resolution is still restricted to like 480p or something, and it won't destroy my desktop composition in a VM. Otherwise, its up to the Devs to patch for compatibility and add features like resolution choices

Since my habbits already involve running VMs for various things, i have a VM for old games like this, so i can recommend under these circumstances until the developers decide to do more for compatibility and functionality.. The game works fine but all the digits are overlapping during gameplay and it is almost impossible to read them.
https:\/\/\/ugc\/824566637796457571\/7F567198EF9F6EAAACA75D85B392A91C412C1051\/<\/a>. It doesn't work, at least not on Windows 10. I've updated and re-installed and the problem remains. The game shows on the top left corner of the screen and is black. Only the HUD labels are visible. If anyone knows how to fix it, that would be much appreciated.... This game does not work on 64 bit systems (Win 7, Win 8, Win 10)

Here is what the publisher said in response to questions about why the game does not work on modern operating sytems\/machines:

"The initial round of releases was simply to get the titles onto steam, as they were at release. ... never was it our intention to remaster the old game. Where did you get this impression? We were always working on the next iteration in the series: Beachhead2020. An entirely new title. Perhaps if the title read Beachhead2000 Remastered or HD, I'd have understood such a misunderstanding."

I have tested and can confirm that Beachhead 2000 and 2002 do not run on Win 8 or Win 10. They do not run in compatibility mode (tried many settings) and they do not run in DosBox. The developer explained that this is likely due to the DirectX related issues, but I don't know.

I was able to get the game to run on Windows XP, so if you are playing the game in 2005, you should be good to go.

When I did get the game to run (on Windows XP), I found it somewhat frustrating. Mainly because the mouse control is so unwieldy. Moving the mouse in any direction would send the view veering off in that direction. To compensate, you would have to swing it back in the opposite direction. Perhaps this control method is meant to simulate realistic physics, or maybe they just weren't designed very well, who knows. Either way, it makes the game difficult to play. I imagine that playing with joystick, such as you would for a flight-sim, would make this control scheme make more sense, but I don't have a joystick suction cupped to my desk so I can't test that.

The graphics are pretty decent for the time. I really like the character sprites and the combination of 2d sprites and 3d vehicle models seems like a good compromise for the time. Apart from that the terrain is nicely varied and it is remeniscent of the experience I had playing the game in the arcade, only without the crazy VR headset that craned down onto your head (look it up if you have a chance).

The gameplay is straight-forward. You play through a seriers of levels with waves of enemies that get more difficult. As you progress, you get more powerful weapons, I think.

All in all, it is not a terrible game. It is a bad game, but mostly for the compatibility issues.

I can see playing this game more, but I would REALLY LIKE IT IF THE DEVELOPER WOULD UPDATE THE GAME TO ACCOMODATE MODERN SYSTEMS.. Will start up and result in a black screen and crash to desktop even when running in compatibility mode. Doesn't seem like anything was done to update the original game in the year it took to transfer from greenlight to the store front.. The game doesn't work at all. I've even had a virtual machine installed to play the game on, but nothing works. I've been dying to play this game for over 10 years. It was my childhood. I think the least this game could offer is being available for newer computers. Not everyone has a 20 year old computer sitting around to play games on.

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