Be The Ruler: A Game Of Britannia Activation Unlock Code And Serial

Be The Ruler: A Game Of Britannia Activation Unlock Code And Serial

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About This Game

Be the Ruler: A Game of Britannia sets you on the throne of a medieval English kingdom. The game lets you make complex decisions using a simple interface.

As an Anglo-Saxon king, you start at 700 AD. England is not unified yet, and you can choose between three petty kingdoms. Use force, diplomacy, and tactical marriage to subdue your neighbors and expand. Go medieval on Vikings.

Be a wise king. Decide about your kingdom’s politics, taxes, and army. Keep an eye on the balance between medieval social classes. Maintain delicate relations with nobles and clergy. Manage your dynasty to make sure that someone worthy will be the next king.

Unify England as one powerful kingdom before William the Conqueror does it. a09c17d780

Title: Be the Ruler: A Game of Britannia
Genre: Strategy
Release Date: Coming Soon


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