Enrique didn't deploy B team players, all available first team players attend a workout session.After the start in the first exercise open for the media a quarter-hour, Enrique wearing cool sunglasses before everyone. Circle with players, sent a birthday must Alba.Busquets remains able to train along with his teammates, but by press time, a doctor didn't announce he was capable of return. Cheap Fifa 16 Coins XBOX One

At the press conference following a end in the training conducted, Enrique didn't explicitly indicate whether Busquets played, he just said:. The last 72 hours he remains training with they, but his condition wasn't 100 percent he's not one of the most good condition, but he'll be around. 

correspondents media coverage ClasicoAlba, 26, 800 Happy Birthday correspondent reports ClasicoReported the size from the country derby will probably be an unprecedented total of 805 reporters within the Nou Camp will participate reported they include reporters, photographers, commentators and technicians. A total of 164 media round the planet sent a reporting team, involving 35 different countries and regions, including 79 newspapers, 26 news agencies Cheap Fifa 16 Coins XBOX One

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