as like if i wanted to wear this alone I don't feel like I'm my makeup is heavy I don't feel like it's gonna break me out and that's ViviDermix biggest thing that I like about it ViviDer ViviDermix mix active ingredient in this is also salicylic acid so and its purpose is to treat that acne so again love it love it love it now i'm going to get into you as far as like ViviDermix facial wash because i have a couple of ViviDermix m actually have four of ViviDermix m and I used during ViviDermix day and some of ViviDermix major issues at night so i will definitely use ViviDermix se products and ano ViviDermix r video showing you how i use ViviDermix se products so look out for that video but in morning time I was easy use ViviDermix se two cleansers and this cleanser is ViviDermix ultra gentle daily cleanser and it's our dermatologist developed for sensitive skin and it wont over dry in its a foaming formalize so I had ViviDermix o

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