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This critically acclaimed first-person RPG takes the player on an amazing journey into the fantasy world of Arx. The game mixes intelligent story with immersive and actual medieval surroundings. Arx Fatalis allows the player to feel that all his actions have a direct consequence on those around him.
The goal of the game is to destroy the secret cult of Akbaa, the god of destruction. As a player, you must prevent the return of such a cruel creature to the physical world. Should you fail, Akbaa is bound to impose its terror upon the world of Arx.
You will become the hero of an underground world - with weapons, spells and magical items to defend against goblins, trolls, rat-men and other vicious opponents.
Besides brute force, stealth and the "onscreen gesture based magic system" are the three alternative ways to succeed. Using the mouse, flaming runes can be drawn in mid-air. A combination of these gestures can create powerful magic spells that will protect you or empower you to defeat opponents and pursue the quest. a09c17d780

Title: Arx Fatalis
Genre: RPG
Arkane Studios
Arkane Studios
Release Date: 12 Nov, 2002


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A unique immersive sim that would have benefited a lot from more development time. As much as i love the game Arx Fatalis is not perfect. And feels like some of the content was cut from it due to time restraints or lack of budget.

There is romance left overs that barely make any sense, like certain scene where the chick gets really clingy all of a sudden and in split second she turns into a banshee or vampire out of nowhere then switches back. What the \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 am i suppose to make of this scene? lol

Some characters felt like they were meant to play bigger role in the story, but only ended up having a few lines or a weird 180 degree personality switch. The main plot feels rushed. The whole late game area with ratmen plays like dlc. And generally i just wish this game had more content and was more fleshed out.

But despite that i recommend it to anyone who likes atmospheric games. Arx was really innovative one of a kind game back in the days and still holds today. And the game world is anything but generic.

Difficulty wise it's easy to go through if you don't waste points on any junk skills and don't try to be the jack of all trades. I prefer pure melee character. Ranged combat sucks and i only saw like 1 bow type in the game. And playing as a sneak \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 is like asking to be one-shoted. Magic is too chaotic for me so i just used scrolls.

Combat system is a bit stiff and sluggish, you can control swing direction, make more damage with power attacks and criticals and decapitate enemies. Magic system is creative but also erratic and hard to get used to. But luckly you can prepare spells to make casting less chaotic if you really feel like going wizard.

No handholding in quests. Exploring and finding secrets is fun, it's Arkane's game after all. And you can finish it even if you killed everyone, which i never tried myself though.

Not to mention some original cool features like seeing your body in first person, Arx was the first game i played that did it. Zombies need a wooden stake to the chest to be put down for good. And of course the cooking system is just freaking cool, you better see it for yourself.

It's a shame Arx Fatalis 2 was never made. Arkane really dropped the ball by not continuing, improving and building upon the setting they've created. And now it's too late.

One last thing you would need Arx Libertatis unnoficial patch to play it on modern systems and snapshots for better spellcasting http:\/\/\/Download<\/a> http:\/\/\/Development_snapshots<\/a>. Interesting world and art design. Spell casting is unique and the age of the game shows but is it easily worth the asking price.. A gem I wish more people knew. I'm on the fence about this game, but on balance I can't really recommend it. There are elements of a good game here, and the setting has some potential. But the good bits are buried under too many glitches (even with the community Arx Libertatis patch), stilted dialogue, tedious inventory management, and cringe-inducing voice acting.

The game's unique selling point, "sketch your spells with the mouse," is neat at first, but ends up just being frustrating as you fail to move the cursor at just the correct angle and have to sit there drawing the same glyph over and over again until the game recognizes it. This might be less of an issue with a controller.

Melee combat isn't bad, and with practice you get good at lunging in for a strike and backing off before your opponent can react.

Navigation is kind of odd. In some places, when you get to a map boundary, the adjacent map automatically loads and you continue on your way. In most places, though, you're stopped dead in your tracks and you have to switch to cursor mode and click a little "move to the next area" icon. There's no good reason for this that I can see; it's just a little extra chore the game makes you do.

You will spend a lot of time shuffling items around your inventory to make room for additional items. It gets old fast. You will also spend more time than you'd prefer waiting for guards to slowly walk down hallways and stairs so you can get past them, since they will just stand there indefinitely blocking your path if you don't.

I could forgive all that if the story were compelling. But... it kind of isn't. Clearly they put thought into the world's lore, and that's not bad, but the actual narrative is a by-the-numbers affair full of tropes that were already tropes when the game was new. There are some plot twists but a lot of them are too out-of-the-blue to have any of the "Didn't see that coming but it was obvious in retrospect" impact that makes a satisfying twist.

The game is of historical interest mostly because its developers went on to make much, much better games later on. But you won't miss much if you skip it.. Arx ! What a wonderful game ! There are many to say about this game..I think it is unique in many ways. Combat! Magic! Story! Innovative design for its period!
From Morrowind until now I have not played any game where I can levitate or to use a system of spells so fun and well done.
It's a pity that there will not be an Arx 2 But who knows?

(Unfortunately the game can be played only with Arx Libertatis). First thing's first: I could not run this game without the incredible fan mod, Arx Libertatis. I can't speak to what Libertatis improves or changes from the base game, other than to say it got the game to run on my modern system. The mod's free, easy to find, and easy to install though. So don't let an extra step hold you back from experiencing this innovative game.

Arx Fatalis' spell system is what gained it its place in gaming history. The gesture recognition can be finicky at times, but there is something visceral about physically drawing magical runes to cast spells and the occult intonations that accompany them really sets the mood.

The magic system isn't the only way this game makes good use of sound design either. The whistling of the ventilation system in the old abandoned mine that makes up the world of Arx did more to sell the setting than all of the other sources of lore. All the dialogue however, including what you'll read in the game's many notes and tomes, is silly and delivered without the expected in-universe level of emotion. It does have a certain B-movie charm to it though, so if you can laugh at a story while still taking some parts of it seriously, you'll do just fine.

It's good to have a forgiving mindset with older games in general, and Arx Fatalis is no exception. The UI, for one, is painfully clunky. There's a mode for inspecting and accessing your inventory which is different from the mode used to look around, not to mention a separate mode for combat, despite all of those things happening in real time.

The character building process was equally difficult to navigate. Sure, the skills and attributes are all explained, but the actual effect of those ever increasing numbers isn't so clear. I still don't know if the confusingly tough ending areas were the result of my poor choices or the weapon\/armor stats lying to me, as a huge hop in the power of my equipment didn't seem register at all in combat.

The combat itself was really fun in the beginning, with all of its charging swings and careful movements. But by the end, I was desperate for a user controlled block or parry. Anything to deal with enemies that were too fast to backpedal away from. I built my character as a magic-user and sadly, fighting with magic felt like cheesing my way through the game. Nothing could stand up to more than two fireballs and I could have both spells set to pre-cast. Combat was then either done in two clicks or just as sudden defeat.

Arx Fatalis in general seemed to fall apart a little towards the end. In the beginning, I was impressed that everything I ran into was solvable without outside knowledge. That's pretty rare for an early 2000s RPG. But by the last third of the game, I was confronted with a puzzle that needed a specific spell that I wouldn't even know existed without already having it, items that seemingly had no use until they were needed to finish the game, and an entire area (required by the plot no less) that I still don't know how I could have found without a guide.

But as with the story's stilted delivery and the clumsy interface, ...

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