Are you ready for 2019? Do you have any changes to make on your site?

The world of digital marketing is changing. 

Indeed, it is often when we think we are up to date that we realize that, in reality, much remains to be done. The only way to thrive in an ever-changing environment is to adapt. 

2018, in terms of natural referencing, was marked by Google's strong desire to improve the quality of search results. In particular, we have witnessed the advance of mobile domination, the personalization of research and numerous updates of algorithms. 

For 2019, I wanted to provide you with a predictive guide to SEO trends. It is with these issues in mind that I advise you to approach the new year. 

This strategy is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in SEO.

This year will be, in my opinion, the year of artificial intelligence and the rise of Word embedding. We will also see a better customization of research intent, the advancement of mobile technology and voice searches. So you are well prepared for this new year. It's up to you to use these strategies. 

I wish you a successful year and an ever higher conversion rate!


Are you ready for 2019? Do you have any changes to make on your site? Do you have new ideas for 2019?

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