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Provisional Assembly next year on February 26, elected the new Chairman. Since the decision of FIFA, the new chairman of the election must apply as of October 26 to participate in the elections, and therefore unlikely to participate in the election of Chung Mongjoon.FIFA said in a statement, Zurich court ruled against Chung Mongjoon of the FIFA Ethics mittee,

disqualification punishment of six years in the program on Fifa Coinsis not a problem, nor the sanctions against individual rights, and therefore rejected the claim made by Chung Mongjoon, FIFA weled the decision of the Court.The European Football Associations  Chairman Michel Platini, FIFA President also officially announced his candidacy, however, for him to be canceled unless FIFA disqualification sanctions,

the possibility of his candidacy is not great .FIFA Provisional Electoral mission chairman Dominic Scala that we can not accept the election application was banned from football activities FIFA sentenced persons submitted.How to Search Players Quickly Today, we bring FIFA16 the fast searching players method, and we hope to help those players who not know how to quickly search FIFA16 coins players!After a period of exploration, the search has been greatly improved from . Now we share some experience for everyone to solve problem at fifa points account cheap

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