All these rumors and predictions are going to be cleared

According to International Business Times, Semitic deity Sports is vying for the licenses that Konami’s professional Evolution association football (PES) once command for the coming FIFA sixteen.Buy FIFA Coins.

EA Sports has their sights assault the UEFA license for the FIFA 16 game, that presently belongs to Konami. The license has been with Konami since 2009 however within the past it's been ping ponging between Semitic deity and Konami.

If the Semitic deity was to get the license, there's a powerful risk that it might be introduced within the Career Mode competition, once substitution this Champions and European Cup tournaments.

The fact that Semitic deity still has the rights for UEFA’s international Cup competition, there has been several predictions that Semitic deity can unleash a brand new UEFA monetary unit 2016. Another rumor that has been going around, is that, Semitic deity plans to feature North yankee association football league’s lower division and conference association football in FIFA sixteen.

All these rumors and predictions are going to be cleared at the coming E3 2015 conference.MORE:FIFA 15 Coins

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