Alien Attack Portable Edition

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You are a space trooper. Your crew finished the cleaning mission and left you alone by accident. Now you are surrounded by aliens. They're not going to judge you or somethi 5d3b920ae0

Title: Alien Attack
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Alien Jellyfish
Alien Jellyfish
Release Date: 21 Jun, 2016

English,Russian,French,Italian,German,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese,Portuguese,Japanese,Ukrainian

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Kind ofbut kind of good in a just let me play and not think to much kind of way. Like Asteroids butand kind of good.. When the game launches it's just a black screen. Game doesn't work.. Even at it's low cost, I can't recommend this. Not that there's anything particularly bad about it, but it's too. lacking. It's surpassed by similar Flash games that you don't have to pay anything for.. I don't want the laser gun, it's too slow.. Compatible with the "AutoClicker"! :) It was not easy to meet the minimum system requirements, but managed to get a water-cooled GTX 1070.. this game is a pretty great time waster, in a good way, if you need a way to pass some time, or just want to have fun setting up high scores and trying to beat them, this is a game you would like, the retro look of the game is one i have a weak spot for , but it does fit well, resembeling old arcade games, definitly a game you should think of getting 6.5/10. Old School Nostalgia triggered! Played it with an XBOX type controller, died a lot, reminded me of playing Asteroids when I was a kid but with easier controls. I've played worse mobile games that cost more. No idea about the DLC being a ripoff or not but aside from that, unlocking Palettes and having a good run on this game are pretty satisfying. The ship controls feel a little loose after you build up some speed but again, that's something that happened in Asteroids. Fun little time waster. Not terrific but not bad at all.

Highscores are now online! : Hi everyone! We have some good news! Now you can access leaderboard and compete with your friends! To see the highscores table: Go to AAIS from your games library (but don't run it!) Press View all achievements button Press Leaderboards button Press Show ! Happy alien hunting! :). Alien Attack: Zero fix : Looks like it was not working properly if your Steam interface is not English or Russian. It means if you have Japanese interface for example, the game would crash and display a message with some mysterious "kekpek" variable. Now it should work properly. If something goes wrong, don't be afraid to write in the discussion thread (link sadly removed) . Really, don't be afraid! I subscribed to it and I'll get a notification everytime someone writes a message there. UPD: O'k the topic is gone. Here's the other one: click .. Alien Attack v1.2 update : Added: Split-screen co-op (xbox gamepad + keyboard/mouse) Bot assistant ( it helps you after "Score 500 points!" achievement is reached. It's not so smart but it can help you ) Player selection menu (skin, control type) New soundtrack ( Awesome Force [] ) New enemies ( including elites ) New bosses New weapon ( plasma blaster after 2nd boss instead of disintegrator ) Voice announcer New palettes New logo New features New animations Updated some sprites Updated game mechanics Cheats Enjoy your stay! And don't forget to post bugs here if you find some.. Blocked Keys : Due to activation keys leak some of them were blocked.. Random Journey Released :. Alien Attack: Zero Steam achievements are now avaliable! : Now you can compete with your friends and be the coolest guy! :happycreep:. New update is out! : - Added more bonuses - Added more enemies - Added ARROWS mode (switching from WASD in OPTIONS screen) - Added AUTOFIRE mode (switching in OPTIONS screen) - Added palettes (100 points to unlock some of them) - Added TUTORIAL and OPTIONS screen - Changed weapons and bonuses ingame icons - Fixed Desintegrator (now fires correctly). Black screen with game responding : This issue caused by Windows 10 Creators update (April 2017). Known ways to get the game working: Turning on Windows 8 compatibility mode Removing this update Alt+Enter (playing in window mode) Hope MS will fix it as soon as possible. .. Alien Attack: In Space v1.0 now avaliable! : Multi-language support, added: Traditional+Simplified Chinese language Italian language German language French language Japanese language Portguese language Spanish language If there are some issues with translation, go to Discussions' tread and write there about it: it will be fixed ASAP. Bigger screen update: no more claustrophobia. Improved shooting and alien spawning mechanics DSG changed to Alien Jellyfish everywhere Added a bunch of palettes (15) Optimized code Transferred to a new engine (from GM:S to GM:S2) .

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