A Grim Tale Of Vices Download Xbox 360 Iso

A Grim Tale Of Vices Download Xbox 360 Iso

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About This Game

Boredom is a dangerous thing… like being a puppet, a destiny few escape.

The puppeteers don’t want you to know you are indeed a puppet. They engineered ways to keep you entertained, to keep you “alive”. Trapped in a little circle you call life…. But what if you get out of that circle?

They will crush you, that’s for sure. But, what if someone or something gives you a second chance? This is a story about that.

Exploring a much bigger circle…. The circle of the puppeteer or the "privileged one". You will find vices defined us and we define them… The parent becomes the child, the perpetrator becomes the victim…

The Simple Man Becomes the God...

Welcome to This Grim Adventure.

Get in the shoes of the simple man, the one who lives a monotonous "less-important life", in this dark fantasy story.

What if a "privileged one" murders you? Leave your body to rot like garbage in the wastelands.

What if a "dark goddess" offers you a second chance? A cursed temporary life, with the only condition to take revenge no matter what...

Would you take it? Would you curse yourself in order to teach this "privileged one" the true meaning of your "less-important life"?

Everything comes with a price and you will find out yours pretty soon...

Free to Play Demo Features

  • Classic and bloody side-scrolling action.
  • Dark Humor.
  • Tight 2D controls, so you can slash your way through the most grotesque enemies.
  • A Strange Story in a Strange World
  • Whole level and Boss fight.

Title: A Grim Tale of Vices
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Born of the Mind Studios
Born of the Mind Studios
Release Date: Jan 2020


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