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Best Golf Umbrella

One of the best things about The Weatherman umbrella isn’t an exact feature, it’s the feeling that this was designed by a golfer. Sure, the point of an umbrella is to keep you dry. But playing golf with an umbrella requires a lot more nuance than just a big canopy. And it’s those details that The Weatherman gets right. The mesh pocket inside the canopy lets you store your glove between shots, and the one rib inside the canopy is coated with silicone to make it nonslip so you can confidently…


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Folding umbrella's 'flirtatious' history never forgotten by family of Karl and Slawa Duldig

February 10 is World Umbrella Day, folding umbrella an occasion not typically marked by raucous celebrations but one always remembered in Melbourne's east.

In East Malvern is the former home and studios of Karl and Slawa Duldig, which is now a museum of their impressive artwork including bronzes by Karl, a renowned modernist sculptor.

It also holds an early prototype of an Austrian-invented…


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INDUSTRIAL LIGHTING | MAGNIFICATION Industrial magnification Magnifier lamp are ideal for the precise inspection of parts in research, development and production of all kinds. When miniature parts need to be inspected or precisely processed in mechanical engineering, assembly lines, research and development, etc., attention to detail is vital. The combination of high-quality light and distortion-free…


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Tracking the pros & cons of track lighting

TRACKING: Light rain or snow showers Saturday afternoon

River levels remain high, but the cooler weather will help slow down runoff. And most will crest this weekend and fall through next week. Click here for the latest river levels.

A weak disturbance will track through the region this afternoon and tonight and will squeeze out a few rain or snow showers. Accumulations will be light, but some surfaces may become slippery through tonight.

Winds will be…


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How to Make a Paper Mache Pendant Light

How to Make a Paper Mache Pendant Light

Paper mache is nothing new, but how you use the technique could be. With a little ingenuity you can turn newspaper into a one of a kind light fixture. The size and style are completely up to you. Want a huge fixture? Create your pendant shade with an exercise ball. For our fixture, we used a large kids’ play ball. To amp up the glam, we lined the pendant with high-quality gold spray paint. Not only does it add some sophistication, but it… Continue

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The coming revolution in LED lighting

A revolution in energy-efficient, environmentally-sound, and powerfully-Smart Lighting is coming to businesses and homes, according to a paper in latest special energy issue of Optics Express, the Optical Society's (OSA) open-access journal.

The paper envisions the future of lighting—a future with widespread use of light emitting diodes (LEDs), which offer a number of obvious and subtle advantages over…


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Interview the Malaysia Customers on Plastic pipe extrusion line

Customer satisfaction is key to our industry prosperity, customer review encourage us to producing better quality products and offering full service. Senvenstars sent engineer to Malaysia customers and inspect their plastic pipe extrusion line operation status.Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

In a long time, Sevenstars keeps eyes on the product quality and service we offered to world customers,…


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UPVC / PVC Pipe Extrusion Making Machine

UPVC / PVC pipe extrusion making machine could produce PVC pipes for water supply, water drainage and electric conduit pipes. etc.Plastic Pipe Production Line

We could offer complete set high quality and reliable PVC pipe extrusion making machine from diameter 16 to 800mm.The complete set production line includes below machines:

1.PVC Mixer ( for raw material preparation)…


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Mitsubishi Chemical to Transfer its European Acrylic Sheet Business to Schweiter Technologies Group

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Masayuki Waga) today announced its intent to transfer the acrylic sheet (PMMA sheet) business in Europe to Schweiter Technologies Group (STAG; Head office: Steinhausen, Switzerland). MCC will transfer the business, valued at 92 million British pounds (about 13.5 billion yen) along with shares of Perspex Distribution Limited (PDL), the U.K. domestic sales company for PMMA sheet manufactured by Lucite…


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SPC Flooring Production Line

PVC lock floor/SPC Floor is made of high polymer materials, shaped by the processing of extruding, dimension stability, resists expansion and contraction, it can be installed for a fraction of the cost of ceramic, stone or hardwood flooring. Plastic Board Production Line

General description:

1. Use raw materials : PVC ,Caco3 plus accessories

2. Final product: L=970㎜, δ=3-8㎜



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Philips Hue's new outdoor smart lights, ranked

Philips Hue remains the top name in connected, color-changing smart home outdoor lights, but this year, the brand decided to step outside with a new lineup of Hue lights and fixtures meant to light up your home's exterior. Here's the full list.

Philips Hue Inara: 800-lumen wall-mounted fixture, $50 each

Philips Hue Lucca: 800-lumen wall-mounted fixture, $60 each

Philips Hue Ludere: 2,600-lumen…


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This 9-person instant tent makes summer camping trips easy

If spending time outside is on your summer to-do list, this Instant tent best selling should be on your shopping list. With assembly that takes seconds and a spacious interior, this tent by CORE makes camping trips with friends and family easier than ever.

This roomy tent has a spacious floor plan of 14 by 9 feet and can sleep 9 adults in sleeping bags or accommodate two queen sized mattresses with luggage.…


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Outwell recall 2019 inflatable tents and motorhome awnings from shops

Manufacturer Outwell issued the general recall notice after the problem with several of its 2019 models came to light in March 2019. A small number of campers who have already taken delivery of a new Inflatable camping tent or awning will also be affected.

When the problem became apparent, Outwell implemented an action plan that includes contacting campers who have already taken receipt of an affected…


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The best rooftop tents of 2019

As modern life gets more and more digital, people are developing a grater appreciation for the great outdoors; that doesn’t mean you have to sleep under a tree, however. While we’re still looking to get outside, we’ve set our sights higher, finding ways to camp in comfort. roof tent offer the perfect solution for that outdoor getaway where you can stay in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Forget fiddling with…


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Robotics Solutions for Ma­terials Handling Ap­plica­tions

Manufacturing, warehousing, material handling, Industrial Robotic Arm supply chain automation— companies far and wide are incorporating robotics solutions into their materials handling processes; gaining substantial increases in efficiency, reduced costs and an edge over the competition.

Dan Kara, Founder of RoboBusiness, contributing analyst to Robotics Business Review (RBR) and President of Electra Studios, discusses the very…


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Vaporesso Luxe S 220 Starter Kit

The vaporesso vape is perhaps the most feature packed device released from the Vaporesso factory ever. An OMNI chip with 2″ TFT display and haptic feedback allows users to seamlessly make adjustments on the fly, and 2.5A quick charging will decrease time wasted at the wall outlet. If you’re looking for a top of the line device that will turn heads, this one’s spot on!

The perfect blend between standard box mod and a…


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The Rincoe Manto X Mesh Starter Kit

Rincoe cropped up as a newer manufacturer in the vaping industry sometime last year. They claim that their “primary focus is pod starter kits, mods, and tanks.” They’ve put out some devices such as the Mechman 228W Mesh Kit and the Neso Pod System. They’ve got a similar kit to this one called the Manto S, but today I’m reviewing the Rincoe Manto X Mesh 228W Starter Kit. I have a feeling that this is a company that is a break-off of another previously established one after…


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Best Cheap Vape Mods

There are a variety of sophisticated vape wholesale supply mods and kits on the market today, from low-end cigarette style devices to expensive box mods with high wattage capabilities and multiple batteries. Some experienced vapers have multiple devices and don’t mind spending top dollar for high quality and ultimate performance; while some vapers just want quality but cheap vape mods that they can enjoy on a daily…


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Best Cyber Monday Vape Deals

So Thanksgiving is over, but the deals are still coming — which means there’s still time to get a great gift for the vaper on your list (even if that vaper is you…). To help you do this, we’ve rounded up the Best Cyber Monday vape wholesale supply — but don’t wait too long. Deals this good won’t last.

We update this page at least daily to keep you up to date with the newest sales, so make sure to sign up for our…


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E-Cigarette Use Among Teens

CVS HEALTH ANNOUNCED IT would dedicate $10 million to support youth smoking and vape wholesale supply prevention strategies and education.

The company said on Monday that the contribution is part of its five-year $50 million Be The First campaign to "help deliver the nation's first tobacco-free generation. The new commitment for 2019 will be funded through CVS and the CVS Health and Aetna foundations.Dr. Troyen…


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