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The Cindy Crawford slip dress most desired by women over 50 is from Desigual

The perfect dresses for women over 50 go beyond knitted, maxi or shirt-style dresses . The lingerie are also suitable for their subtlety, sumptuousness and elegance.

On Cindy Crawford's Instagram we have the definitive proof and it bears Desigual's signature .…


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5 hairstyles with waves that you will not stop seeing this summer

The waves are that hairstyle that plumps and personality to any person carrying. We have seen her in XXL manes and bob hairstyles. The best? That they are so versatile that there are millions of possibilities.

However, in a year in which we seek naturalness above all else , hair trends have it clear: volume will be one of the main protagonists. Although we will also see broken waves, more marked manes and other very natural ones.…


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Luxury Accessories That Are Worth Investing In

Vegan Dior leather bag

Red mini Dior bag made with vegan leather. It is very useful for your night out, being small it will not bother you and will give a little color to the typical black outfits that we always end up with. If you remove the handles, it can also serve as a toiletry bag .

Balmain Scarf

And you, how do you combine the scarves? There are many different ways to wear them: on the neck, in the hair , as a headband, in a low braid give it imagination. This model…


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This is the ultimate trick to make braids and hold them without using rubber!

You have probably already seen all over Instagram that the quintessential hairstyle this spring has natural waves, the parting in the middle and very thin braids framing the face.

Well, the expert has found the technique to make those beautiful braids without using rubber bands. We loved the idea because, in addition to being an extremely easy hairstyle to copy, it rejuvenates and feels great.

We love braided hairstyles but they tend to be complicated, so we had to share a…


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Lifting effect creams: 10 years less in 10 seconds

10 seconds is how long it will take to apply these "miracle" creams and they will instantly make your skin look younger. Take a look at these 10 lifting effect creams that you have to try because they will surprise you. Bring youth back to your face in record time!

Olay Firming Cream

This firming cream with a lifting effect is enriched with vitamins (B3, 3 and Provitamins B5), ceramides and green tea extract, which favors the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles.…


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Diet to lose weight without rebound effect

The big problem for many people who want to lose weight is that they abandon the diet shortly after starting it. What is wrong with it being so hard to follow a diet? There is talk of hunger and lack of will, but behind many abandonments in reality what there is is a type of thinking, dichotomous thinking.

you have a moment of weakness and you skip it, you feel guilty, you tell yourself that it is done, you stop the diet and you are done taking those kilos that you have lost or even…


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Distinct Haircuts That Do Not Go Out Of Style And That Rejuvenate

We all like a good look change that, in addition to favoring us, makes us look younger. However, the moment of the scissors is a moment of panic that it imposes on all of us. That is why it is important to put ourselves in the hands of experts who fight for those cuts that best suit our features.…


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Different Haircuts With A Concealer Effect

When choosing a haircut, many factors must be taken into account : that it is easy to style, that it favors us , that it takes away years, that it is appropriate for our hair type But we often forget the most important, choosing a cut that suits our features , which highlights the parts we like the most and hides the least.…


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Spigelian Hernia Causes and Its Treatment

A Spigelian hernia is the level of ventral hernia where aponeurotic fascia pushes through an opening creating a bulge. It shows up in the stomach lower quadrant within an area of thick woody tissue and stomach wall muscles, causing a (Spigelian aponeurosis).…


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