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26 Feb 2019 A guide to Tokyo maid cafes – Find which of these variously themed restaurants suits your personality best: cutesy, Victorian, 24 Feb 2019 Maid cafes appeared in Akihabara around the year 2000. This novel idea of having girls dressed as maids interacting with customers became a29 Jan 2019 "Welcome home Master!" she says as you walk in the door! Japanese maid cafes have been around for a long time. Known for their cutesy girls 6 Feb 2016 Since the first maid cafe was opened in Akihabara, hundreds of new one have based maid cafe network of 7 shops situated all around Tokyo. 18 Jul 2017 Maid cafes started as a fad, but they're here to stay. Clean up with this guide to the best maid cafes in Tokyo's Akihabara district. Venture into the heart of Akihabara with your friendly maid guide. spots not covered by guidebooks?check out cool only-in-Japan shops and finish your tour with a visit to a maid cafe'! Private Pop Culture, Manga and Anime Tour of Tokyo. 15 Jun 2016 Are you wondering which maid cafe to visit? This article introduces 5 Maid cafes you should definitely check out and tips to fully enjoy maid cafe 8 Feb 2017 Maid Cafe is one of the most unique and bizarre things in Tokyo where guests are served by waitresses dressed as maids, and Akihabara has 24 May 2018 What is “maid cafe”? What is a maid cafe in the first place? It is basically a cafe you can find anywhere. They serve coffee, tea, or light meals at the market price.


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