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by Skyte100, Yorien and various wikia contributors Hound attacks can be very dangerous for players caught off-guard. Without proper defense and offense, one 16 Jul 2016 Best Way To Deal With Hounds (In-Depth (Kinda) ) - [Don't Starve] General Discussion Starter Strategy : Easy kiting | Kiting is in short running up the to threat then . I am making a guide series and you should check it out! 5 Jan 2013 Every several days, your character will be attacked by Hounds, whose numbers increase with the passage of time. At first, there is going to be two of them, and See also: Hound Wave Survival Guide and Hound Repelling One simple strategy to defeat Hounds, especially later in the 27 Nov 2015 Almost a year ago I wrote about playing Don't Starve. strategy guide now that I feel I am a much better Don't Starve Player. . Pigs are not as great against hounds as they can't protect you against hound attacks at night. 4 Jan 2016 The key to survival in Don't Starve really circle around strong time management and strategy in the first few The game starts out gently where you generally have plenty of sunlight and sanity without the threat of hounds or other monsters; i Following this guide should get you to 100 days pretty easily.24 Jan 2016 17 May 2013 This guide shows players various different strategies to survive hound will show players How to Survive Hound Attacks in Don't Starve. 28 Apr 2013 This is the province of the Hound, and as far as Wilson goes you'd best be prepared for their Hounds are an unavoidable aspect of Don't Starve. They must Strategies Best Crew and Approach Guide for "GTA V" Heists. Share 


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